Broly movies
Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan is the first time we see someone that was born with a power level of over 10,000. Broly when first met would never be suspected to be as powerful as he is, but when he sees Kakarot (Goku) Broly goes berserk and attempts to kill him. We then learn why everything has occured like it has. Goku and Broly were born on the same day and were put in incubation pods right next to each other. Goku was constantly crying making Broly cry and totally upsetting Broly's rest. When Frieza was getting ready to destroy Planet Vegeta Goku was Launched off by his father Bardock, but Broly and his Father Paragus were left to die. Which we see earlier that King Vegeta has Broly sentenced to death as a baby because he was so powerful. Paragus tried to stop King Vegeta and he is blown up by a Ki Blast. They then stab Broly and throw Broly and Paragus out in the middle of a junk field to die. When Frieza went to blow the planet up Broly was so upset that his powers activated and safely floated himself and his father away to a distant planet where they both recover and continue to thrive in power.Broly grew older and as he grew older it made him less controlable. When he became a teenager he was so uncontrollable that he ven hurt his father Paragus by blow out his eye with an energy punch. This made his father go to intergalactical scientist to make a device to control Broly. This device worked and has for years, but his father keeps worrying that one day Broly will become to powerful to control.

The Story

It starts out with the movie showing Goku and Chi-Chi in a long line waiting for a chance to talk to the principals of the finest schools in the world to get a chance to get Gohan into the school. Meanwhile Gohan, Bulma, Master Roshi, Trunks ( Future Trunks), Vegeta, Oolong, Dr. Brief. Mrs. Brief, and Krillan are all enjoying an outdoor picnic together. Goku then is seen reviewing proper answers to the questions the principals might ask and is also complaining about how hungry he is. Goku also believes that this whole interview is just a lying contest and takes as a joke making Chi-Chi freak out on him. We then see Krillan doing karaoke for everyone at the picnic (might note that he is a terrible singer and everyone, but Master Roshi is hating the whole song.) Then out of no where an alien spaceship lands on the middle of the park area they were having the picnic at. Out comes hundreds of alien soldiers followed by Paragus who claims to be a saiyan who worked for Vegeta' father King Vegeta and has benn looking for Vegeta forever. We then go back to the interview where King Kai contacts Goku and asks him to come for a meeting immediately. Goku tries to postpone the meeting for the sake of dinner fromn Chi-Chi, but ends up using Instant Transmission right in the middle of the meeting to go see King Kai. Chi-Chi flips out, but knows that there is nothing that she can do. Goku gets to King Kai's Planet, but refuses to talk until after they have eaten dinner. We then get to see that Paragus comes to Earth to ask Vegeta to become the new king of the New Planet Vegeta. Vegeta accepts only after Paragus tells him he found the Legendary Super Saiyan and gets ready to leave with Paragus. Then once they depart Krillan, Master Roshi, Oolong, Gohan, And Trunks all go with him to the New Vegeta. Then Goku is seen with a bunch of empty food bowls and tells King Kai that he is ready to find the threat to the South Galaxy, and once told the location he needs to go to, teleports there with the instant transmission. Goku gets to the planet that had the threat on it, but the person was no where to be found, but he left a path of destruction and scent of his power level so powerful that Goku is over excited to try and meet this person. He then goes to teleport to the location where he senses the power level again. Once Goku reaches the planet he meets up with his good old friend Vegeta and also runs into two other saiyans named Paragus and Broly who run the New Vegeta system. When Goku arrives he instantly notices an intense power deep in Broly. When Broly sees Goku he whigs out and almost makes his father lose control of him. When Broly tries to go through the night he can't do it. Before hand though we see a flashback in which we see that Broly is a baby next to Goku. We overhear a conversation with two sayains that Broly's power level is an astounding 10,000 and they mock Goku in saying his power level is like a 1. Goku is heard crying and it is then realized that Broly's hatred for Goku is from their past in which Goku cried all the time while Broly was trying to sleep (an extremely dumb reason to hold a grudge for so many years, but oh well).

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